Monday, December 31, 2012

wrapping up 2012 and anticipating 2013

Happy New Years Eve friends!

Where did 2012 go? Where did December go? Oh my we were busy beyond belief this past month. And I paid for the days after Christmas with a yucky sinus headache and runny nose. not fun. But on a positive note, I had a few lazy days and snuggle time with my girl. It was snowy here, and so cold, and perfect for staying inside and doing nothing. I can only take a few days like that though, and made up for my laziness yesterday by taking down and putting away every bit of our Christmas decorations, and cleaning like a mad woman {we are saying goodbye to the germs!} and doing a little 2013/New Years Mantle. I just got inspired for a fresh change for a new year.
Before we say bye to the Christmas Season and to 2012 for good, I just have to share these pictures of Caroline with Santa. They are about the greatest thing ever. She loved him, and I am so glad our photographer friend Aaron was able to snap these when Santa visited Chick-fil-A.
Aren't these the greatest? Her smile was priceless and she wasn't even the least bit scared. Next year may be a different story..

2012 has been such a fun year with Miss Caroline. What a true blessing she is, and what a blessing to be her Mama. Joy. Pure Joy.

And speaking of being overjoyed, Jay is taking a little sabbatical in January. Two weeks off. He hasn't taken that much time away from Chick-fil-A since our honeymoon. I'm giddy for this time with him! He needs a mental break, we need a family break, and we need some stress free, laughter, just the three of us. Jay works so hard, cares so deeply, and is incredibly devoted to making Chick-fil-A successful for our family, for our community, and because that is what he was entrusted to do. He is great, and a wonderful steward.

I am happy he is taking time to plan and dream, and refresh himself for a new year.

Jay and I always set family and personal goals. We don't do resolutions, but we love goal setting and planning. And we are going to make some purposeful goals for this little family for 2013! We are still talking and throwing around what we want our focus to be in different aspects of our lives, and we are thinking about coming up with a word to name this year. I'll let you know what we decide.

We do know we have lots of travel plans. I am excited for some fun adventures that have fallen in our laps, and for time with this sweet girl who is learning so much so quickly. I treasure these moments with her that are passing so quickly.

What are you excited for in 2013?

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  1. I'm excited for you all! Pause buttons are important in life. Happy travels!