Friday, December 28, 2012

memories to celebrate

I'm big on birthdays. No surprise there. Today would have been my Daddy's 64th. 

I sure wish Caroline could give him a big old smile and giggle and grab his neck for his birthday. I would like to make him a chocolate chip pound cake today. And eat it with him. There are about 14,000,000 questions I would give anything to be able to ask him. He was the definition of wisdom to me. 

But I can't, and it stinks. And Caroline can't and that hurts in my heart. 
This was taken on his birthday 8 years ago. 

This is how I remember my daddy. His smile and his love for his family. This is the life I choose to celebrate today. And it was a life lived well. A life worthy of celebration. And I am thankful for a reason to celebrate in my heart. There are memories and an amazing legacy worth celebrating. So I choose that today.

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