Friday, September 7, 2012

we're getting things rolling...

Caroline is quite the wiggle worm and is very active and has always liked to look around and bounce and squirm, but she was a little behind on the rolling all the way over thing... but then this past Tuesday, I saw this face:
 The Face of Determination.

Lucky for us Gram was in town and she ran to get her camera!
By the time Gram got back, Caroline was working hard, and had kicked herself onto her side. It was as if she had been thinking about the best way to roll over in a quick skinny minute for weeks!
 And she realized she had an audience and got pretty proud of herself :)
 And then she figured out how to get her arm situated, and she was ALL THE WAY OVER! Officially rolled from back to tummy! 

 And then Caroline got tired... but she did it! And since Tuesday, she has turned into a roly poly bug... practicing at every chance. My sweet pea is growing up, and I love to see her do new things and tackle new obstacles, but it happens so darn fast!

AND, we think Caroline picked Tuesday to mark this big milestone, because it was also the day that this precious babe made his arrival:
Canon Andrew Schultz 

My dear friend, Katie & her hubby Aaron welcomed this handsome guy on September 4th and we are thrilled he is here and healthy. Its great to finally see that sweet face!
Caroline is excited to meet her new friend soon!

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