Monday, September 10, 2012


Yesterday, Big Girl turned 5 MONTHS! Oh my... thats all I need to say about that. 

She is a pure joy
So serious and inquisitive at times, and so smily and giggly too! {She giggled for the first time this past month and it was the BEST! Music to these Mama ears}
Caroline, you're still our drool bug... but no teeth yet. 
And you are so good at holding your head up and started rolling all the way over last week!
You are still very laid back. Just go with the flow. A great traveler and put up with Mama and Daddy's crazy schedules and life plans like a champ. You obviously were created just for us, and we adore you! Thanks for being such an EASY baby. You are spoiling me sweet girl. 
Caroline, you LOVE toys, and it seems like everyday you are more and more interested in all the fun things around you. This ball is one of your favorites because it is so easy to grab, very colorful, and apparently you like to play with it with your feet too! 
You are in 6 month clothes and getting very, very close to size 3 diapers. Bath time is still your FAVORITE. You go to sleep easily just as long as you have your blanket and your noisy fan. Thankfully, your like your mama in that. Now if we can just get rid of those 4 am wake-ups that started when we put you in your crib at night.... but honestly, mama doesn't mind that sweet quiet time with you so much. I know that that this precious baby stage will be over before I know it...
Girlfriend, you are beautiful, and growing more so everyday. We love to see your personality develop and see the new skills you master. Keep growing love bug... just maybe not SO fast?

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  1. What do you use to add the words to the pic? I love it!!!

  2. Happy 5 mon. my sunshine! You're such a sweet lovely delicious part of my life. luv u, Gram