Monday, June 18, 2012

Jay's 1st Father's Day & 10 WEEKS!

 We had such a fun first Father's Day! I LOVE seeing Jay with Caroline... it seriously is the GREATEST thing to this mama. Jay isn't typically your mushy, baby talk, sensitive kind of guy, but his love for his daughter just overflows. She is quite the Daddy's girl too :) 
 We had a fun day that started off with keeping the nursery at church, and then we came home and put this chicken on the grill {and I made fried Okra for the first time, and it was a success! We love us some fried okra in the summer time!} 

Then we Caroline and I had Jay open his big surprise... a Fire Pit! We have been talking about wanting one ever since we bought our house for cool summer nights and definitely for this fall. I love a good smore, and Jay loves to build a fire... So all in all we are both excited for some backyard fun! 

Miss Caroline is TEN WEEKS old today. Whew... slow down my love! We went to the doctor this morning for our 2 month check-up and shots {I HATE the shots more than Caroline... it is the WORST to see that sweet face go from happy to screaming in a second. Breaks my heart} Does this get easier with time? Some how i doubt it... 

Caroline is 12 lbs and 10 ounces and 23 1/2 inches long! She is in the 75% for both, and healthy, healthy! 

Chunky Monkey, that is two pounds you have gained in 5 weeks. You are also holding your head up like a champ during tummy time or when you are being held. You also are grabbing at toys on your play mat, and your talking... oh your sweet baby noises. LOVE THEM! You are also starting to smile at me and Daddy, and definitely seem to recognize us when we come into your sight... you are just SO MUCH FUN! We are in love with everything about your sweet, laid back personality!

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  1. Happy First Father's Day to Jay!!

    She is so beautiful!!!!! Love her in pink. :<}

    As to the shots- at John Parker's 2 month when he had his first shots, I cried longer than he did. It's AWFUL!! Unfortunately, it gets worse when they hit about 6 months and are all chummy with the nurse until she pokes them. You can see their little feelings are hurt- "I thought she was my friend!" Poor babies...

  2. CONGRATS! She is so cute! So happy for you both!