Saturday, June 9, 2012

Caroline is TWO months!

I LOVE this little two month old beauty! Everyone told me how fast the days and weeks and months would go by, but there is no way to comprehend how fast your precious little one will grow until you experience it for yourself. TWO WHOLE MONTHS! wow. 

Caroline, your new experiences from the past month include wearing all 3 month clothes now! You are sleeping about 7 hours a night for mama{even 9 hours sometimes!}. Your hair is getting longer and more curly. It is adorable. Daddy and I both still think it will keep turning more red, but we'll see. You love to "talk" and have the CUTEST noises EVER! 

You still love to be naked, love when bella licks your feet, love naps on Mama and Daddy's bed, and love to be held so that you can look around at the world. You are starting to become so much more aware of the things around you. You have whole conversations with the zebra on your carseat, and you are really enjoying your time on your play mat. Caroline, you still are a champ in your carseat. We took our first road trip last month to Gammy and Papa's house, and you went to your first wedding!

We also went to visit Grandma at her house and I took you to your first women's conference :). Bath time is your FAVORITE time of the day, and you love getting your hair washed. You grip our fingers like a pro and push up on your arms during tummy time like a big girl. 

Caroline, Mommy and Daddy are continuing to fall more and more in love with you each day. Your personality to so fun and laid back. You are SUCH a special gift from God. We are thrilled that you are part of our family forever. 

Just for fun to compare with last month here is Caroline's 1 Month Photo:

Happy 2 months sweet girl!

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  1. My beauty still growing into herself! Love u my lady!