Friday, June 15, 2012

a few friday thoughts

Happy Friday!

We've had a fun week here...
We spent time on Monday with Grandma! Look at that sweet smile from my girl... she is happy to be in her G-Ma's arms :) 

Speaking of Grandma Lee... we are working on deciding on her Grandma name. Maybe we will let Caroline tell us? My votes are for Lee Lee or Gram. Its a big decision! Any one have suggestions!?


We also had a visit from our good friend Katie! This silly Mama didn't even pull out her camera to take a photo, but it was SO FUN to have time with this dear Mama-to-Be! 

Katie - Caroline, Jay, and especially ME are excited for Baby Boy this fall!


We also helped Gammy celebrate her birthday! 

Caroline wanted to be able to tell Gammy herself, so she talked me into making a sign and texting this picture to her Gammy. She is one creative, and persuasive girl ;) ha!


I made several new, yummy recipes this week. Check these out:

Asian Lettuce Wraps! Find the recipe here. Super easy, and really healthy! We left the green onions out {breastfeeding you know... and Jay isn't a fan of onions anyway} and they were still delicious!  

Sea Salt Cookies... YUMMO! YOU MUST MAKE THESE NOW :) I bet your Father or the Father of your Kiddos would thank you! 


Speaking of Fathers, and Father's Day, we have an EXTRA special Father's Day to celebrate here. Caroline and I have been doing some scheming and she finally convinced me of a really fun gift for our Jay. Caroline also has a really pretty dress picked out for Daddy... pictures from our first Father's day celebration to come on monday! 

While I am super excited about Jay's first Father's Day, there is a part of my heart that stings when I think about celebrating without my own Daddy. Will that feeling ever go away? I sorta doubt it... He was SUCH an amazing Dad, and praise God for some wonderful memories. I am working on making myself CHOOSE joy in the memories. 

Caroline spent this morning with her Dad while I had a class at the hospital. They seemed to have a fun time because half way through my class I got this picture:
Jay told me they were doing some pre-beach week prep work! LOVE IT!

Speaking of the beach... Caroline is headed for the first time 9 days! eek! SO thrilled for this BIG first for our sweet girl. Not that she will appreciate it as much this year, but I am for sure excited... Caroline has also been getting excited for this big vacay week by playing "under the sea"...
LOVE this little fish! 

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  1. Oh Katherine...I know you, your mom and Ben have to miss your dad terribly. I also know he is looking down and so proud of the wife and mom you are now. You can tell what incredible parents you have because of what sweet and loving people you and Ben are. I love the pictures and blog...keep it coming! Please tell Jay that we hope he had a very special first Father's Day! Love you guys!!!