Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kate & Jeff Lang

  Kate is married! She is now MRS. LANG!! 
She has been for a couple weeks now... I am just a slack blogger and haven't made the time to sit down and go through my photos from the wonderful weekend. 
These photos were taken by kate's dear high school friend Angelique - Such pure joy in their faces!
I didn't have my camera with me for much of this special weekend because I decided to enjoy the moments with my best friend - sister and my "second family", but I did take a few and there are a couple of my favorites. 
In the past couple of weeks Jay and I have talked about how fun Kate & Jeff's wedding was, and we decided that it was so very fun because Kate and Jeff Lang are so perfect together. They Love Jesus and they love life and they love each other. They care about those around them and they want to make a positive impact. It makes me smile to think about all the many, many things that Kate and I have done together in our lives, and the ways that we have walked through life together. I love Jeff as Kate's husband and I am excited for all the ways that they are going to make this world a better place together!

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