Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Chick-fil-A Mother - Daughter Tea Party

A few weeks ago Bethany and I planned a Mother - Daughter Tea Party for a Saturday morning at Chick-fil-A. I love planning events like this because I have so many fun memories of doing similar things with my mom and friends growing up. I remember feeling so special to get dressed up and have time with just mom or just dad. I am blessed that Jay and I get to create an environment for kids to have similar memories with their families.

We had about 80 moms and daughters and it was a huge success! We always have things that we learn to improve upon for next time, but we're happy with how it turned out.

 We painted flower pots and had flower seeds to take home and plant with mom later.

 Princess Cow is also always a big hit! We have great cows too... they are rockstars and really know how to make kids smile!

Bethany and I found tea cups and tea pots at a thrift store for super cheap and it was fun to "play tea" with lemonade at each table.

It was a great morning to kick off spring for our waynesboro community!

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  1. Katherine this is ADORABLE! Makes us love CFA even more! xoxo

  2. Oh what sweet memories my dear! This looked like a true success and many happy faces. Good Times!

  3. Thanks Margaret! Love keeping up with y'all through your blog... hope things up north are going well :)

  4. Hey!! This awesome mother-daughter tea party looks really awesome. Loved going through this post and want to arrange a tea party for my daughter and her friends at one of event space San Francisco. Want to make it best one for all the little children.