Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our First {and maybe only} 80's Dinner Party...

This past weekend, Jay and I went to an 80's Murder Mystery Dinner Party with our sunday school class at church. It was so fun to everyone's wacky and totally hip 80's get-ups!

Don't get too scared by the below pictures, although I think our neighbor was a little confused when we came out wearing this strange attire. Its not everyday you are watering your flowers and you see your neighbor getting into a car to leave their house with a teased side ponytail and a very loud, bright pink blazer. Jay and I decided to avoid eye contact and move along instead of try to explain the choice of our wardrobe.
We all had fun play-on-words names too. I was a soap opera star named Clara Seal {like the face wash Clearasil} and Jay was a Contractor named Bill DeHause {like Build A House}. There was Sandi Shorts, Barbie Dahl, Barrie M. Deepe, Crystal Ball, Tim Burr, Em Burr, Herb Evore, Angela Deff {Angel of Death}, Kelly Bluebook, Ray Beaze, Robyn Banks, and Archie Bisphop just to name a few! 
We laughed a lot and had fun getting to know some more people in our new church! 

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  1. Oh my goodness you both are looking so fine! Sounds like such a fun time.