Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a few of our february adventures

Up until yesterday I had neglected this little blog in a huge way! Life just got too busy.

But we are back in Virginia for a few weeks and I wanted to share a few of the pictures from our Wyoming / Yellowstone Adventure! We traveled to Jackson Hole Wyoming for a few days and it was a wonderful winter get-away. Yellowstone in the winter is a little crazy I know, but it was on our "before kids" bucket list. {yes we have a "before kids" to do list... its just how we roll}

It snowed every instant of our time in Wyoming and it was quite chilly, but so much fun and lots of awesome new experiences! 

Like driving a dog sled

 And swimming in natural hot springs in the snow

 And literally wearing five pairs of pants at the same time

And going snowmobiling! It was SO much fun... if you have never been you need to. period. 
We saw lots of Bison. It was neat to be so close to such HUGE wild animals.
Old Faithful was really amazing, but not very photograph friendly in the winter against a white sky... so, that means we just have to go back :) 

We got to go on a sleigh ride through thousands of Elk on the national elk reservation. 

It was a great trip and a much needed time of rest and adventure together. 

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  1. Katherine, love you at Old Faithful! Ian & I were there about 3 years ago in the summer, so minus the snow. Looks like you had a fun time!