Thursday, December 4, 2014

Smiley Seven Month Old

This Little Turkey is the best. The most smiley, snuggly, even tempered little guy. STILL. His only downfall so far is the fact that he seriously doesn't like to wake up in the middle of the night to realize he is all alone in his crib. Funny thing is that he usually is drowsy, but kinda awake when I lay him down at 8 every evening, but anytime during the night that he opens his eyes, he immediately screams until you pick him up to re-assure him everyone in his little world didn't suddenly vanish. And so he spends quite a few 3AM - 6:30 AM stretches snuggled in our bed. 

I will miss this one day right? I will sleep through the night again and wish when he is 15 that I could snuggle him under my arm to sleep right? I am trying to remember that at 3 in the morning :) 

We also have successfully eaten two whole tablespoons of butternut squash+banana baby food. Y'all, this is huge for my little man who just prefers mama's milk every 2 hours. But, he actually is seeming to take a few spoonfuls of baby food every night at dinner. Yay James! 

James is in 9 month clothes and really could wear some 12 month I think. Size 3 diapers... and I moved out again on the snaps on his cloth dipes. Oh its the little transitions that get me all sentimental about my baby's growth. 

Working hard to clear up James' eczema that came back with vengeance the past 6 weeks. He had a few spots around 2 months that cleared up when I eliminated dairy from my diet. I tried to re-introduce without success and have also eliminated gluten from my diet since he is primarily still exclusively breastfed. It seems to be clearing up... and definitely no new spots in the past 2 weeks gluten and dairy free. Hoping he will grow out of these sensitivities as he gets bigger!

Another big milestone in Month 7 was starting to sit up by himself! He is doing awesome, and loving the new view on the world and his independence in playing with toys. His favorite is a basket of toys that he can sit and empty one by one. He also like cars with wheels that spin when he hits them, mirrors, anything musical, and a train with pieces that come apart. He also ADORES sitting up in his bath, and would stay in the tub for hours! 

So much fun to be mama to this little one. 

So this is real life people. He was very upset that I wouldn't let him chew on the sharp corner of the frame. Caroline kept taking it from him when he got it near his mouth. Poor buddy just fell apart. 
Other fun things this past month include...
- First Halloween... Dressed up as a Cow, and went trick or treating, and pumpkin painting, and trunk or treating... and looked ADORABLE doing it all :)
- Started taking a bottle of breatmilk again... whew! Thank goodness!
- Traveled to Boone, NC and Greensboro NC for a whirlwind, crammed weekend of outlet shopping, meetings for Daddy, visits to Gram's, and a memorial service. He was a great trooper and car rider thankfully!
- Had fun on a family day trip to the Amazement Square Children's Museum in Lynchburg... Such a FUN day for all 4 of us!
- Got to spend time with his Uncle Jeremy & Aunt Keylan and meet their sweet babe, James' cousin Baby Lila for the first time when they traveled to Virginia to visit Gammy and Papa.
- And keep up with the daily craziness of accompanying mommy to lots of Young Lives meetings to play with his baby friends, tagging along on Caroline's daily adventures to pre-school, Chick-fil-A lunches and music class, and playing/napping in the nursery at the gym when mom exercises. Hang on for the ride Bubba, you're the perfect little guy for us and we adore you!

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