Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Our little man is EIGHT WHOLE MONTHS. Time is going so much faster with baby number two. And James is getting to be SO MUCH FUN! He smiles all the time. Laughs and giggles easily, and is super ticklish. This past month has been full of Thanksgiving and Christmas fun... and James has met a few new milestones like...

- Moving from sitting to rocking back and forth on his hands and knees. He wants to crawl so bad... and even though he isn't full on crawling, he is army crawling and covering some serious ground.
- Sleeping 7 hours in a row at night. Amazing. Now we just need to work on a full night... but i'll take what I can get.
- Actually eating solid food once a day. Still working on the swallowing aspect, but he is finally seeming interested in real food and will open for the spoon. Still learning how to get his tongue out of the way to swallow :)
- Saying "Ma-Ma" and even said "Da" tonight! Melt my heart.... Love those sweet sounds!
 Some Highlights from this past month include

- First Thanksgiving celebrated in Greensboro at Gram's house.

- Meeting James' best bud Parker! 

- Cheering on the Tigers to victory over South Carolina
- LOTS of silly play time with Caroline... Like rides in her baby doll stroller and hanging out in Caroline's under the table forts :) 
- Picking out and cutting down a Christmas tree
 - First Visits with Santa at Chick-fil-A and also a surprise visit at mommy's gym! 
 - Chick-fil-A employee Bowling Christmas party
- Fun visit with Mimi and Cousin Susan when they got to stop by for dinner.
- First fever and cold with cough and runny nose... poor buddy was so pathetic and its so hard when you can't get an little one to actually blow their nose :(
 - Visit to Bethlehem Village live nativity... bundled up like a little bear
 - Looking at lots of Christmas Lights... and playing with them too! 

We love you Sweet Baby James. Thanks for your perfect growth and your cute smile, your easy laugh, and your continued curiosity. Can't wait to see all the changes in the next month! We couldn't be any more thankful you are ours :)

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