Monday, April 14, 2014

The Last 7 Months of Life…

Oh, Hello!

So I took a little, extremely long, break from this little blog. And you know, in typical crazy pregnant last fashion I decided that 1 week before Baby Boy is due was the perfect time to re-start / catch up on the past 7 months of life. Ha!

Seriously though, I do want to document my sweet Caroline's life. I haven't been the best at keeping up with Caroline's actual, hard copy baby book {surprise, surprise…} and I want to have this blog for her… and hopefully Baby James to look at when they are older. Plus its fun to share life updates and be a little creative… so I'm back, and we'll see I do with balancing it when there are two kiddos?! {ah!}

Here is sweet Caroline over the past 7 Months… Girlfriend, you have changed so much, and remain such a JOY!
It is so hard to put into words all the ways you have changed... and continue to change. You really are such a neat kid. I know I am partial, but seriously, you amaze me everyday with how much you are learning and growing. Caroline you are laid back, fairly reserved at first, but also have quite a feisty streak and are confident in knowing what you like AND what you don't. You are reasonable, and I can usually get you to focus for long enough to explain what or why we are doing something, and then you are easily agreeable.

You adore music and love to sing songs. Your little brain amazes me with the words and lyrics that you remember. Your favorites are "Hello! How are you?", "God Bless the Moon", "Row, Row, Your Boat" and the ABC Song. You can count to 12, know lots of colors, any animal there is, and most of your shapes. You love to pretend to  drive the car {and still HATE your car seat. It is by far our biggest daily battle.} You remember so many words and can talk a mile a minute, but also take your time to observe a situation before jumping right in.

Caroline, you love other kids. You are so interested in knowing their names and holding their hands and giving them hugs. Sometimes you get so excited with other kids that you just want to grab them and squeeze them or poke them in the eye. There is nothing vicious about you, but simply want other kids to play and interact with you. We are working on this baby girl. You love your little friends and play dates to the library for story time, Chick-fil-A for lunch, the park, or friends houses. You share so well for the most part.

You are a Daddy's girl all the way. You pretend to go to "meetings" like Daddy, ask me a million times a day when Daddy will be home, and get so excited for any special Daddy dates you have. I don't blame you one bit baby girl, because your Daddy is the best. He loves you and think you just are the greatest thing... and you are :)

You like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, dancing to the Hot Dog Dance song, Doc McStuffins, Barney, smoothies for breakfast, going down the really tall slides at the park, petting Bella, reading stacks of books, puzzles, playing in your kitchen, helping Mommy make pancakes or cookies, playing in bubble baths, and flopping around like a silly girl on Mommy and Daddy's bed. You have such an infectious laugh.

Snacks are your favorite.. well Blueberries are your absolute favorite, followed by ice cream or cookies... but really there isn't a fruit out there you don't love, and are a great eater over all. Breakfast is your favorite meal. You have mastered climbing the stairs up and down like a big girl. You are sleeping in a big girl bed and doing excellent. We have started potty training at your request, and you really are making good progress. After baby brother arrives and we adjust to a new normal you will have it down in no time and be ready for your big girl minnie mouse panties!

Speaking of baby brother... you are as excited as can be for Baby James. You know he is in mommy's belly, and even though I don't think you fully understand that he is coming to live at our house, you sure are excited to talk to him and sing to him. You are going to be the best big sister and love him so well, just like you love on your baby dolls. I am excited to see you two together and watch you interact. I know there will be some transition times, but it will be an adventure and part of our family story.

Caroline, I could go on and on because truly every day with you is an opportunity to rejoice in the blessing of YOU. Thank you for your sweet spirit, your challenges, and your growth. We love you more than you will ever know!

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  1. These are the sweetest pictures! Gotta love what "nesting" makes us do... I'm glad the blog made the list- I love seeing and reading your updates! :) Can't wait to see pictures of baby James!!