Thursday, April 17, 2014

Baby James' Nursery!

Well, I'm back with another post in the same week! Oh my, things are getting crazy around here waiting for Baby James to arrive. Thanks for so many encouragements on keeping this blogging thing going. It really is fun to share and document life.

I have had so much fun decorating a nursery for a baby BOY... for our Sweet Baby James. His room makes me happy, and Caroline's new big girl room {which is still a work in progress!} makes me smile too because she is loving the little details and the big girl bed. More on that to come...

For now here are a few pictures of our little man's room:
The walls in this room were already yellow, and I loved the subtle creamy color... so it stayed. Jay was happy to not need to re-paint anything. 
 I added blues and natural colors and lots of burlap to the room. 
All of the art work for the walls were either gifts or things I made, which was important to me because I wanted to re-use as much as possible and keep things simple, in-expensive, and sentimental. 
 This is the same changing table from Caroline's nursery. Its my favorite because it is just a fun old dry sink from an antique store that worked perfectly for Caroline. I did purchase new baskets in blue and white polka dot and burlap from hobby lobby. 

Jay picked up this wooden cross on a trip to Texas back in January specifically for James. Love his thoughtfulness and style :)
Caroline has made the transition to a big girl bed relatively easily, and we are using her same crib for Baby James. His blue and white bedding is from pottery barn outlet that I picked up back in november on a black friday special. It is the Row, Row, your Boat Bedding

OH, and don't worry, we haven't gone completely wacky and hung that elephant painting off center over the crib..... My sweet, and VERY talented friend Emily painted the above elephant paint for Caroline's nursery, and she is painting me a matching one with a giraffe to go bedside the elephant over the other side of the crib. Its the last detail for the room, and I am so excited to see it soon!
My mama and Jay helped me to make the super popular and VERY easy rain gutter book shelves. They are the perfect thing for this spot in the room, and to help corral all of our millions of books. Caroline loves the shelves too! We used this tutorial, and I am really happy with the turn out. It ended up costing us about $30 total and about an hour, if even that long. 

 I didn't get the best picture of the curtains, but they are white with tiny stitched vertical stripes and are from ikea. They were what we already had in the room when it was a guest room, and theyworked perfect with the bedding. 

I did order black out fabric from and made liners for the back of the curtains so that I can pull them closed and block out the very bright morning sun light that comes in this room. The black out fabric was super cheap, like $4 a yard and I needed 5 yards. It works great and makes this room really dark even in bright day light!

Oh, and my sweet Mama found this neutral glider at a consignment sale in Greensboro. It is in perfect condition and was a great gift for the room. She is the best :) Caroline is still fairly attached to having a rocker in her room so it is nice to have two. 
Baby James' dresser was our one big purchase for his room. I found this one in the PERFECT colors at an antique mall here in Virginia back in January. Both my Mother-in-Law and Mom agreed that it was just made for this room. The colors were just too perfect! It is also well made and not particle board {i am pretty partial to sturdy, real furniture}. 

The sweet J is wrapped in yarn by my dear friend Jessie who is so talented and such a kindred spirit in all things baby and craftiness. I love that she had it as a decoration at Baby James' shower and it is now in his room!
 The mirror over the dresser was something I bought for $10 last summer from Home Goods. It was on clearance, and I bought it on a gut feeling just knowing it belonged to me. I wasn't even pregnant, and it sat in a closet until I found James' dresser and then it was the PERFECT fit. I just love when that happens! I usually never buy anything unless I know I have the right spot for it because I hate clutter and extra junk, but this mirror just spoke to me :)

James 1:17 is our verse for sweet Baby James. He is our perfect Gift. 
The giraffe lamp is from World Market. Love it with the simple textured white burlap shade. It is a soft glow for late nights. 
Sweet James, your room is all ready for you... and so are mom and dad and big sis. Come on! We are ready to snuggle and rock you!

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