Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How I feel Today.

I stumbled upon this blog a couple years ago, and she writes beautifully. Her post this morning is how I have been feeling the past couple weeks... tired. Sleepy. Putting one foot in front of the other and taking care of things. And then going to bed guilty that Caroline is growing quickly and I am just going through the Mama motions.
And I only have one babe... and I want 4... will I make it? I feel like this dog sleeping in a wayyy too small space when I only get a couple hours of uninterrupted sleep. When the baby monitor awakens me to a little one with a stuffy nose who is struggling to breathe or who has decided she needs a middle of the night snack.
There is such joy in her snotty nose, sleepy grins. There true delight in giggles from her crib when her naps are way short. Caroline honestly is worth every moment of sleep deprivedness. She is and so will the other babies {when God gives them to us} because as I was reminded in Erin's post this morning, they will grow fast, and our house will be empty and I will have days on end to sleep. And I will miss the midnight nursing and the 6:00 wake up smiles. They are precious. SO precious.

God, remind my heart how precious they are when my 3:00 AM exhausted self wants to stay in bed forever.

Mama nights are long, but I am finding out how extremely short the months really are. 
Being Mama is priceless. Every single moment {even those spent awake in the night} are part of the journey of being mom. God, I am thankful for this adventure you have called me to.

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  1. When we had Stephen someone told me something that I think about so much...the days (nights) go by so slow sometimes and the years go by soooo fast! You are right and I understand that exhaustion. It is okay to let Jay do a bottle so you can sleep! Jason loved the middle night times with ours :) It is truly the hardest but most rewarding job out there!