Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Midweek Confessions

Today I am linking up with "E, Myself, and I" and just sharing a little of the randomness going on over in our Hawk's Nest...

- I have realized that so far this week I have worn nothing but yoga pants... and scrubs today at work in the ER... but just yoga pants. Welcome to 35 weeks prego :)

- Does anyone else use reusable grocery bags? Well I love them because they are handy and sturdy and environmentally friendly and all that jazz, but just let me tell you that when I take 4 bags into the store and the ignorant bag boy thinks that he is being helpful by placing all of my groceries into only two bags that weigh about a ton each full of milk and juice and 20 some cans of tomatoes or whatever else I want to scream at him "I brought in 4 bags for a reason, and because as you can obviously tell I am 8 months pregnant and can't lift that into my car you idiot!" So far I have refrained but each time it happens I get closer and closer to unleashing a little hormone wrath or simply asking him to re-bag my groceries {that would probably be more friendly}

- I am unnaturally excited to be getting our new washer and dryer installed tomorrow! Its just the little things like worrying about the dryer overheating and shutting itself off or the old inherited washing machine with a short in it stopping at the same spot every cycle and then having to remember to reset the dial mid cycle so our clothes don't soak in soapy water for hours that I am really going to miss.. ha!

- I was told today that I am mastering the pregnancy "waddle." Perfect.

- I am currently drinking a glass of chocolate milk in bed {possibly a correlation between this a the pregnancy waddle?} and sweet Bella girl is curled up between my feet. Perfect ending to a busy day!

Happy Leap Day!

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  1. Congrats on your pregnancy! I'm 11 weeks. :)

    Your Bella looks so sweet. I bet her and my Sophie would get along great. ;)

  2. We have a huge bag from Land's End that we use for groceries. It does get pretty heavy, but at least it has sturdy straps!