Tuesday, October 11, 2011

three years.

I love that I have been married to Jay for 3 whole years! I have been thinking about our wedding day today and it feels like it was just yesterday. Some of the details are so beautifully etched into my memory that I remember exactly how I felt and what I was thinking. {I really hope I never forget these vivid memories of our special day!}

I have also been thinking about how drastically different our day to day lives are from what I imagined 3 years ago. In a good way. Just so much has changed and continues to change and it sorta makes it feel like we have always been married. Weird how memories and feelings are that way, huh?

I think I have said to Jay {about 10 times already} "Did you think that we would be doing this right now three years ago?" Of course he says no and laughs at me for the tenth time. Of course we have no idea what we will be doing 3 years from now, but as long as we are married and together to celebrate I will be a content and happy girl. I love to celebrate and take advantage of almost any and every excuse! Our marriage is at the top of my "Love to Celebrate" list.

Our "celebration" this year looks totally different from our prior travel based anniversary celebrations. We love to travel and are still trying to come up with at least a quick overnight trip to mark 3 years. Life if just so busy and there are lots of prior commitments that get in the way {not the least of which is this silly little girl in my belly who has made her mommy feel very yucky and very un-willing to spend money on an extravagant trip}. Jay and I have had time to talk and go to dinner and reflect on our life and dream about our goals, and as long as we continue to do that we can stay in Waynesboro and stare at one another :)

We also looked through our wedding album this morning and I wanted to share a few of my favorites...

I am blessed by my husband!

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  1. So Katherine, does this mean you know you are having a girl?!?! I hope you had a great anniversary!!