Sunday, September 18, 2011

Breaking News from our Hawk's Nest: We're Growing!

Its been a-w-h-i-l-e! I have missed writing in this little blog so much. I have good reason though, and I am pretty positive you will forgive me, and I am working through not being frustrated with myself for failing to keep up with our lives via blog. Anyway, on to the breaking news! Ready?

We are having a BABY! 

I am typing those words and it still shocks me that I am talking about me and Jay. oh my. parents!?! Yup, thats us, mom and dad... wow.

We are SO excited, and a little scared, slightly overwhelmed, and very, very blessed. Jay and I began praying this summer that when we did decide to start trying to have a baby that it wouldn't be a stressful, challenging time... little did we know that God was about to rock our world with quite a surprise. I have had some thyroid and other hormone problems over the past year and we honestly didn't think a baby was possible until things were more leveled out. This was fine with us,  because in our neat little life plan we had fixing up our new house next on the to - do list {not buying baby furniture!} In the middle of August we figured out that we should have been praying for our little one and not for the possibility of a little one!

We mainly feel so blessed because God has given us a child in his time, not ours. What a relief, because my neat little life lists never work out anyway. We are just trusting God's timing and thankful for His hand in our lives.

You want the basic short and simple fact list?

Due Date: April 4th, 2012
How far along now: Almost 12 weeks!
Boy/ Girl: Jay thinks Girl, and I think I am thinking Boy... I think about it for to long and convince myself of the opposite. A doctor in our OBGYN is a ultrasound specialist so we should hopefully find out in a week and a half!
Family Reactions: THRILLED! They are all so excited and we are beyond blessed to have their love and support in our lives.
Morning Sickness: oh. my. It is all day sickness and it has been kicking my butt! It was been so, very terrible and kinda scary at times. I keep trying to remind myself that great things take lots of hard work... and Satan likes to steal all the joy from things that God has ordained. Jay and my sweet Mama have been taking good care of me and our little one.

Anyone have any tips, thoughts, or suggestions? This new mama is itching for all the information I can get!

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  1. I am so thrilled this now public knowledge! I can not even tell you how excited I am to know we will be in this journey together and trust will need all the support you can get! I can not wait to find out what it is and will be really amazed if you can tell anything before 16 weeks. That would be awesome! How has the sickness been? I am feeling a whole lot better, just tired but a certain busy 1 year old has a whole lot to do with that! Keep me posted and hang in there! Love you both! Oh..Jason got to feel Molly (our baby) move for the first time last night...there is something to look forward to :) Amy

  2. Preacher John & NancySeptember 18, 2011 at 8:34 PM

    Jay & Katherine, Of course we are so excited we can't stop smiling!! Congratulations. Praying the "sickness" part will not last much longer! Hugs and much love!!!

  3. Congratulations!!! They say that being sick is actually a good sign!!! So hopefully you will start feeling better soon. Praying for a healthy baby on your ultrasound.

  4. Congrats Katherine! Babies are amazing, especially when they are your own. What a fun time!!
    You aren't the only one in the all day morning sickness stage, as I am due a week after you, I have been having horrible sickness as well. And you're right, it is a miracle and fun time, so enjoy the sickness & know that it will pass soon!
    Congrats again!

  5. Wa-hoo...I'm still yelling YES! YES! YES! It's just wonderful news and going to be worth it day soon. love u Mommy to be!

  6. Have you found out yet?!?! SO so happy for you guys!!!