Sunday, June 19, 2011

a reason to smile on Father's Day

Today, instead of being sad that my sweet Daddy is in Heaven, I am rejoicing in the fact that I know what it means to have truly know the love of my earthly Father for 24 years! While that is not long enough in my book, it is so, so much more than many people get for lots of different reasons.

There is not a single day of my life that I don't remember my Daddy telling me he loved me. What I wouldn't give to take back all the times that I said, "yeah, yeah Dad, love you too" without really understanding just how special those words were.

My sweet Mama sent my brother and me an email this morning reminding us of all the reason's to continue celebrating Father's Day, and to enjoy the many wonderful memories. Here is just a little part of her email that I wanted to share:

He listened, he was patience, he was ALWAYS there when u needed him (even if you didn't think you did), his focus was always on you both to what could he do for you, he was always dependable and a great provider, he had a gr8 laugh, and made the best cinnamon toast ever! He loved loved loved his family and was so proud of you both.
This is why I am grateful for my Daddy, and this is why I smile today :)

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  1. Very sweet! Your daddy was a great man!

  2. Reading this made me tear up with happy tears for you and the sweet, positive, refreshing faith that you have and reflect onto others. I love you!