Sunday, April 26, 2015

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby James!

FASTEST year of my life! Whew... I feel like I barely turned around and my baby boy is already walking and having his first birthday. We have had twelve months of fun being the parents of two amazing kiddos. There are days when I am flat out exhausted and feel like a very sub-par mama, but there are also days where I stand totally in awe of the fact that the Lord choose me to play a role in shaping these two incredible little human beings into vessels for His glory. I get to be a part of their story, and I am thankful and blessed.
James - we have had such a fun year watching you grow! There have been some challenges with your breathing and throat at first, and your crazy bad eczema and egg allergy, and your horrible sleeping patterns, but we have overcome them all, and you are a super fun, sweet and snuggly, determined, quick to laugh, adventurous, and laid back little dude. With your crazy hair, and smile that lights up your face it is impossible to not just be wrapped around your little finger. Thanks for a year of fun and laughter. Thank you for challenging mom and dad to pray harder, let more of the little things go, and to be fully present in everything.

This past month has been full of fun with birthday celebrations and Easter, but also some yucky sick days for James who had his first real virus and terrible, scary fever. Sick babies are not for the faint of heart!
Park playing during a visit to NC and Gram's house!
A fun day with sweet baby friend Parker Lang
We enjoyed some nice sunny picnic days... and as James' shirt says, Life is REALLY Good at Grams house! 

Pitiful sick baby. It was awful to see him so miserable with such high fevers.  I did enjoy the snuggles and became even more thankful for our young living essential oils and thieves cleaner! 
James' first Easter at Papa and Gammie's house with our fun cousins!
Mickey Birthday party craziness... more about that here!
These two lucky ducks got a picnic table from Gram for their birthday.... They both LOVE eating there, and James even likes getting a little adventurous and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse from up top. 

Lots of playtime in our jammies! James and Caroline got a little mini piano for their birthday too. James has been practicing his music skills... and loves to dance when Caroline plays! 
Some Backyard swinging... 
and even more baseball hat wearing. 
Tons of eating! And quite a bit of mess making too :) 
Tried out the hammock for the first time and had a blast!
 Several wagon rides this month... and I suspect lots more to come through the summer...
And we got to check out the plane that Daddy has been flying and the one he first flew solo while getting his private pilots license. Cant wait to fly with him soon!

We have loved this past month.. and can't wait for many more outside adventures with our all-boy little guy this summer!


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