Tuesday, April 16, 2013

12 Months... OH MY, we have a 1 year old!

 FASTEST EVER YEAR OF MY LIFE. I can't believe this time last year I was holding a tiny little baby and stressing about making enough milk. Now I am corralling a toddler and stressed about ear infections and keeping her from emptying every cabinet in the house. So many fun changes, and ways in which we are seeing a little personality develop. 
With your serious, inquisitive mode...
 and your silly, playful mode.
 Either way Miss Caroline Bennett, this past year with you has been a dream come true for your Momma. I love you beyond description, and I am already proud of the little person you are becoming. You are sensitive and joyful at the same time. You love to learn, and love to hug on and love others. God is going to use you in big ways, dear girl. 
 We had your 1 year check up this morning and you weighed in at 20 lbs, 4 oz in the 50th %, and 29 1/2 inches long also in the 50th % for length. Perfect, Perfect!
 You aren't quite walking yet, but it is coming. You will walk holding onto anything and everything around you, and love your push cars and motorcycle. One day soon you are just going to take off, and there will be no stopping you.
 Being outside is your favorite, and I can't blame you now that Spring has finally decided to come to stay. Caroline, you love to watch the birds and listen to them sing. You have already tried eating dirt and sticks, played with worms with Daddy, and ripped one of Mommy's tulips out of the ground. You aren't such a fan of the grass on your hands though and won't crawl around in the yard just yet. 
 Walking Bella is the best, and you have figured out that you are a big girl if you help mom hold the leash. Little miss independent. Bella is your best friend. You adore her and "Ba Ba" are the first words out of your mouth every morning. You share all your food with Bella, and would love to crawl right onto her back for a ride if she would let you. Miss Caroline, Bella is the best and most gentle dog with you. We are blessed, dear girl, with our sweet pup. 
Caroline, you LOVE to eat. You are serious about your food, and get so excited when you see yogurt or peas or strawberries (they are your new favorite!) You also love squash and blueberries and bananas. I really haven't found much you don't like. Daddy and I joke that you would eat non-stop all day if we would let you. You are just perfectly healthy. We gave you a small cake at your party {Pictures to Come!} and then a cupcake on your real birthday. You loved it!
Caroline you are talking really well too. You say MaMa and DaDa and BaBa for Bella appropriately and often! You wave and say Bye-Bye and Nigh-Nigh (night-night) and of course no-no. 
You are a Button girl and love to push any and all buttons on the microwave or dishwasher, dryer, ect. You still adore books and flipping through the pages. Books with musical buttons or touch-n-feel places are the greatest. Sometimes we read the same book 10 times a day. You smart girl. I hope you always love to read. Daddy and I are already praying you have a desire for growth throughout your life, and a pursuit of wisdom. Look to God's Word, and you will find it, my sweet girl. 
You love your Gram! We all love our Gram. She is so patient with you! Caroline, you are blessed beyond comparison with amazing family and friends who love you well and who desire to guide you as you grow. Your Gammy and Papa and Gram are the greatest. We are thankful for the influence that have been in your first year of life, and how much they have loved on you!
Caroline, you love your Bath and all things water. Even just getting your hands washed at the sink. We are so excited to play in the pool with you this summer and to take you to the beach. You are our water bug. 
And apparently our sweet tooth girl too! :)
You didn't leave a single crumb... only the ones you fed to Bella. My little details girl!
Music is your thing. And you have some rhythm too. We play kids radio on pandora all the time, and we have a spot for the phone in your car as a "radio". It is so fun to see what your interests are and how they will change as you grow. Daddy and I are thrilled to be a part of your journey Caroline!
Thanks for a year full of laughter and silliness. Full of snuggles and diapers. Thank you for a year that has stretched and grown your Mom as a woman, as a wife, and as child of God. You have helped me to trust God more, love God more, and seek His wisdom more. You, my dear girl, made me a Mama, and I love everything about that job. I love everything about you.

Happy 1st Year of Life my Blessing!

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  1. I cant believe she is a year! She is beautiful! We HAVE to get these girls together soon!

  2. Oh my goodness, Katherine! She is growing up so fast! I think he hair getting longer is making her look like such a big girl! Love that she was picking up all of the crumbs- too cute!! What a sweetie. :) Happy birthday, Caroline!