Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Master Bedroom Updates

Since we have been married we have rented and moved and rented and moved and rented and moved again. Its been fun. For real... an adventure and a test of our faith in God's perfect provision.

And God provided Waynesboro, Virginia. And we are still renting. ha.

We are starting to look for a house in our new home, and while that is a frustrating process I am reminding myself that God knows what kind of little house will make my heart smile, and provide a canvas for some creativity.

In the meantime I have been searching for some much needed furniture for our neglected Master Bedroom. Since we have been married I have focused more resources on the rooms that most people see when visiting our rental spaces.

I finally found an iron bed frame that I love. And I found a quilt that is simple and lightweight and washable {Miss B. like to climb up into our bed to wake us up in the mornings}

I loved the way they came all tied up in white ribbon!

I found this quilt from West Elm. My dear bff kate's mama gave her a duvet cover from here for her last wedding shower. I had originally found a different green quilt from Tuesday Morning online, but when I went to order they were out of green and only had pink, and let me tell you that Jay LOVED loathed the idea of a pink bedroom. So I kept looking and really love what I found. 

 It is far from a finished project... mainly because I am still waiting for a bedroom I can paint, but also because I need a bed skirt, and I want three white square euro shams, and some fun white and mustard yellow decorative pillows. I have seen a few that I will post later for some decorative feedback! The white pillows are from my guest bedroom and aren't planning to stick around. They aren't quite what I have in mind, but the search is part of the fun right?

Hope you have a wonderful week! We are headed to the very snowy, and freezing Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a mini winter vacation and on to texas for the annual Chick-fil-A Seminar. Prayers for my poorly circulated toes are more than welcomed :) 

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