Thursday, September 9, 2010

Football & Family

It is staring to feel like fall! Bella and I are loving the cool weather for our morning walks/runs. If only fall could stay forever and the weather would never change into the cold, miserable, freezing, never want to leave the house season that we call winter. God must have a reason for that season, so for now we are enjoying the beginning of Fall... and FOOTBALL! Football is huge in our family.... Jay and I are even competing on a fantasy football team! It was kinda bittersweet to not be in Death Valley last weekend for the opening Clemson game. My #78 is a senior this year and I am going to try and make the journey from our new virginia home down to as many games as I can.

Since Jay and I were unable to make the first Clemson game, it meant we were able to make it to UVA vs. Richmond Spiders game. My cousin Wil is the kicker for Richmond, and they were playing only 30 minutes from good ol' Waynesboro! It was wonderful to see family and to see will make 2 field goals and 1 extra point and 2 kick - offs! Here is our #13 practicing before he made a 30 something yard field goal!

Lots of RED for the Spiders!

Jay and I also got to travel the James river on sunday for mom's side of the family's reunion. It was the 70th year! My sweet Grandfather was one of 7 kids, and so for 70 years all those kids and their families get together over labor day weekend.

It was a beautiful day to spend catching up with family!

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