Friday, July 30, 2010

the many blessings of july.

Its the last day of July isn't it? wow... this month has flown by in our little hawksnest! We have had many exciting celebrations with the engagement of my brother benny to his bride-to-be Stella, and my sweet, dear best friend Kate to Jeff! We also opened the Chick-fil-A! It has been such a fun month, and I don't feel like I have stopped for more than 5 minutes. Good thing we enjoy being crazy busy! And, we feel so blessed to be right smack in the middle of where God has us.

We are blessed to have a brand new store that in our opinion couldn't be in a more beautiful location.

We continue to feel humbled as we pull into the parking lot that this is ours.

Blessed to have had 255 people here to camp out in the parking lot before the opening...

Blessed to have these sweet friends here from the Clemson Chick-fil-A to help with organizing the store and training our new employees. They were an incredible amount of help, and so much fun spend time with. Lots of laughs and "family dinners."

Blessed to have our sweet Bethany! Our Marketing and Events girl... and she has been an immeasurable amount of help. We are thrilled she is in this Chick-fil-A of Waynesboro journey with us. It amazing to have others working along side us who also want to make a positive impact on our community.

Blessed to have Ben and Stella here to celebrate and support us in the opening. I am excited to have a new soon to be sister and we couldn't be happier for Ben and Stella as they begin to walk through engagement and plan their wedding! They also attempted to eat a whole strip tray and tons of fries... but it was a bit much for even big ben!

Blessed to have had the support of our parents throughout our lives, and throughout every minute of this Chick-fil-A adventure. Jay and I wouldn't be the people we are today without their love and continual encouragement. It was special to have them here during the grand opening to celebrate the many successes together.
Blessed to have a brothers and sisters :)
Blessed to have Mr. Herb to teach us, grow us into better people, support us, and most of all to challenge us to do more and be more. It was wonderful to have him here throughout the week. We would not be where we are in Chick-fil-A without the many difficult lessons we learned from him.

Blessed to have had this moment. It is an awful picture, but I remember how I felt at the exact moment this picture was taken. It was a moment of realization that I love my husband so incredibly much. And a moment when I realized that I couldn't be more proud to be his wife. A moment when all the adventures and sacrifices we have made made perfect sense. A moment when I was thankful for an amazing father in law who can pray for us in front of others, but who also is committed to praying for us daily. A moment when I realized that I didn't want to be anywhere else because God was tangibly present in that moment.
Blessed to have these 70 people in our lives. Blessed to have prayed for these people for the past several months and to see their faces and to be privileged enough to work along side them everyday. We are blessed to be able to love on them.

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